The Board is responsible for the governance of the College. This includes community consultation to enable us to construct a School Charter, Strategic goals and Annual Plan and Policies that reflect the community we represent.

This structure empowers the Principal, as Manager, to enact the annual plan and report back to the Board on progress towards its goal.
The Board of Trustees is comprised of six elected parent representatives (Louise Powick- Chairperson, Katie Harris - Deputy Chairperson & Finance Rep, Andrew Wylie - Promotion, Reihana Tipene - Health & Safety Rep, Hamish Adie and Rita Petaera), one staff representative (Rachel Ireland), one student representative (Tewairehu Hauraki) and the Principal Jon Ward.

The Board holds ten formal meetings each year and a much greater number of Sub Committee meetings that monitor progress towards these goals and meet Ministry of Education compliance.

The board can be contacted via the Board of Trustees secretary, Mandy Brown, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.