What we do:

Inside the Classroom:

  • Stream Studies in junior science- water health focus

  • Carnival park project- learning about natives and local use of plants

  • Fencing of farm stream to reduce erosion and stock damage

  • Greenhouses- one designated for growing native tree seedling

  • Gardens

  • Conservation units

  • Discussion on natural resources

  • Traditional Māori construction and materials

  • Māori conservation and kaitiakitanga

Outside the Classroom:

  • Paper/Cardboard recycling for trees

  • Solar powered swimming pool heating system

  • Use of the 123- app for getting gps locations e.g for pest monitoring or rubbish monitoring

  • National Māori Conferences - Eels & Ecology-2017,

  • Cultural/Environmental monitoring of the Makakahi and Mangatainoka Rivers through Iwi Environmental services  for Tararua District Council.


 Latest News                                                                                  

Over the Easter weekend on Saturday 31st of March and Sunday 1st of April,Caitlin Hall, Gracie Finlayson and Maverick Beasley took part in a river study of the Makakahi and Mangatainoka rivers, organised by Morry Black from the Mauri Protection Agency and Kate McArthur who is a freshwater ecologist.

The study was part of a joint initiative between Iwi Environmental Services and the Tararua District Council. At the first site, the Makakahi River, students sampled different bird and plant species.


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Do you want more information about your teenager’s life here at TC? Try the Student/Parent Portal.

What is the Student /Parent Portal ?

The Student/Parent Portal provides you, the parents/caregivers, with access to a variety of information regarding your teenager.

This currently includes :

Daily Notices

School Calendar of Events

Student Timetables

Results Summary, including an NCEA Summary

Subject Assessments (Current Year)


Library / Textbooks issued to the student


Financial Summary

Careers Information

Pathways information

Progress Reports

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To find the parent/student portal...

Click on the ‘For Parents’  tab, then ‘parent/student portal’.

To Log on to Student/Parent Portal

The School Notices and Calendar of Events are able to be accessed without logging in.

Access to all other information requires the student / caregiver to first log on using the allocated username and password. This information will either be emailed or posted out to you and includes both the caregiver and student login information. Students will have also received a card for their login information.

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 Mentoring  9.00-9.30  9.00-9.30  9.00-9.30 9.00-9.30  Period 1  9.00-9.50
 Period 1  9.30-10.20  9.30-10.20  9.30-10.20  9.30-10.20  Period 2  9.50-10.40
 Period 2  10.20-11.10  10.20-11.10  10.20-11.10  10.20-11.10  Interval  10.40-11.10
Interval  11.10-11.40  11.10-11.40  11.10-11.40  11.10-11.40  Period 3  11.10-12.00
 Period 3  11.40-12.30  11.40-12.30  11.40-12.30  11.40-12.30  Period 4  12.00-12.50
 Period 4  12.30-1.20  12.30-1.20  12.30-1.20  12.30-1.20  Lunch  12.50-1.30
 Lunch  1.20-2.00  1.20-2.00  1.20-2.00  1.20-2.00  Period 5  1.30-2.30
Period 5 2.00-3.00 2.00-3.00 2.00-3.00 2.00-3.00 Assembly 2.30-3.00


Dylan Tai Leah 100m stars for TC 1"Drive beyond Excellence"


DRIVING EXCELLENCE in SPORT, ACADEMIC and CULTURAL activities.We expect and support EXCELLENCE in your chosen discipline, acting as a HIGH PERFORMANCE role model.

Students selected for the ACADEMY will have their needs met and be EXTENDED to achieve EXCELLENCE in their chosen discipline and in their schooling.


We recognise that students attending Tararua College are jst as talented, gifted and motivated as any others in the country.  However, that motivation is often tempered by the students' ability to access the support networks available to students in higher decile urban environments. We aim to provide the support mechanisms to ensure all students, no matter what their soci-economic or ethnic background, have access to the best opportunities available whilst remaininf in our rural community.


Provides support around the following key areas:

  • goal setting
  • time management
  • sponsorship
  • mental and emotional resilience
  • nutritionp
  • motivation                                                                                                                                                                          
  • customised timetables to meet individual's needs                                              
Tararua College High Performance Academy    
 Sports High Performance  Arts & Cultural  Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths (STEM)  Humanities

Leadership Programme

Duke of Edinburgh , CACTUS, GRIP Conference, Sport Manawatu  

Common Areas of Enrichment

Growth Mindset, Goal Setting, Reslilience (mental/emotional/physical), self management, personality types, nutrition advice   


As a College we are very aware that for students achieving at a high level, either in sports, cultural or academic arenas, there are often serious time pressures and constraints, the purpose of this programme is to support our students to anage/prioritise their actions to ensure they reach their goal and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

This programme is designed to provide specific coaching and mentoring to develop and support high performance in the area of individual focus.

Each student will develop an individual education plan in conjunction with their mentor to support their specific individual needs. This will allow students to pursue their chosen field of interest to the highest possible level while being fully supported within the College to attain a high level of academic achievement.

In response to feedback from our community, the programme will bring in mentors/coaches and activities to maintain and develop the areas of excellence within Tararua College.

We are forming mentor groups around each of the four areas identified in the above table.

Where financial support is needed for the student's involvement in activities, sponsorship will be sourced for all applicants.  This could include travel to and from events, entry fees, enrolments etc.

As part of the programme we will be developing a positive mindset focused on growth and development.

In the programme, those who excel will be considered, in consultation with whānau, to accelerate their learning in academic and extra-curriculur areas.

This programme will give our students the chance to EXCEL!


The key goal is the pursuit of excellence in whatever field you are working in.

When you become a student of HPA, you will be supported mentally, emotionally, physically, socially and economically to reach your goals.

Sponsorship will be sourced to cover transport, event fees, accommodations.

Specialists will be brought in to coach or mentor you to achieve your goals.

Plans will be put in place to ensure you can still achieve your NCEA, even if you are away at an event.

Mental and emotional resilience will be developed and monitored.

Nutritional advice - to get optimal performance not only sporting but academically to function at the highest level.

Through this, we hope to push you to the next level.

We expect you to be committed, work hard, keep up school grades and follow the schools 3 core values or Respect, Involvement and Excellence in school and when representing the school.

As part of this HPA, we would like you to return a favour.  Pass on the knowledge you have received to other members of your teams, who may not be part of this group. Use this opportunity to not only improve yourself but that of thers. PAY it forward.


The programme is designed to support our talented and motivated students to reach the next level. To participate in the programme students need to be identified in one of the following four areas:

  • Sporting
  • Arts & Cultural
  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)
  • Humanities

To be considered for this programme the process will be:

  • Student identification through College/feeder school with specific data
  • Consultation with parents/whānau
  • Commitment from students to be motivated and retain a positive attitude
  • Contract signed by student and caregivers agreeing to meet school values and attendance criteria with specific focus on engagement and behaviour
  • Parents and students can express an interest in the Programme to be considered for selection

Criteria for Selection


  • Trialing as or identified as Regional Representative or higher
  • Committed to improvement and personal excellence
  • Whānau/caregiver support and engagement
  • Attends all training and match commitments
  • Demonstrates and adheres to school values - Respect, Involvement, Excellence
  • Maintains high attendance rate at school


  • Attaining at National/Regional level in area of performance
  • Committed to improvement and personal excellence
  • Whānau/caregiver support and engagement
  • Attends all training and preparation commitments
  • Demonstrates and adheres to school values - Respect, Involvement, Excellence
  • Maintains high attendance rate at school


  • Identified as achieving at Excellence level in current Learning Progressions OR
  • Working at a higher Learning Progression than peers in age group
  • Committed to improvement and personal excellence
  • Whānau/caregiver support and engagement
  • Attends all training and subject commitments
  • Demonstrates and adheres to school values - Respect, Involvement, Excellence
  • Maintains high attendance rate at school

Caregivers can express an interest for students to be considered for the HIGH PERFORMANCE ACADEMY, and nominations will be confirmed by the academy selection panel.

For more information, please contact Shelley Arends at the College on 376 8344 or via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.