The following teachers are Year level Deans. For any concerns about about your teenager or their courses, please contact the relevant Year Level Dean.

Year 9 - Megan Bennett

Year 10- Rebecca West

Year 11 - Zoe Doidge

Year 12 - Shelley Arends

Year 13- Rob Moffitt

HPA- Alex McKinlay

Staff members are listed with the Head of Department, followed by the teachers listed in alphabetical order.

Please note: some teachers teach across several departments.

The Arts Department

Emily Look, HOD Arts and Cultural


Bachelor of Arts (English/Classical Studies)

Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)

Wutts, Nicky

Bachelor of Arts (Mus) in Contemporary Music Performance

Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)

Monique Harris, Visual Art

Bachelor of Fine Arts;

Graduate Diploma Communication- Graphic Design,

Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)

English Department

Rebecca West, HOD of English

Bachelor of Arts (Eng & Media),

Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)

Tania MacKay

English, Arts & Cultural

Bachelor of Arts,

Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)

Ms Joanna Sheridan, Deputy Principal,


Bachelor of Arts (Drama/English)

Bachelor of Teaching

Mary Zambazos, Deputy Principal, English


Bachelor of Arts,

Diploma of Teaching, Postgrad Nat

Certificate First Time Principals

Māori Studies

Tā Rihari Daymond, TiC Te Reo and Māori Performing Arts

Bachelor of Education,

Tuu taua Certificate Māori Martial Arts & Weaponry

Mathematics Department

David Ngatuere HOD of Mathematics

Bachelor of Science, TTC,

Diploma of Teaching – Mathematics

Rob Moffitt,

Bachelor of Education,

Diploma of Teaching,

Certificate TESOL

Liesel Starker

Benson Nobathu,

Mathematics and Science

Bachelor of Education

Physical Education and Health

Shelley Arends HOD of Physical Education and Health

Physical Education, Sport and Recreation, Health

Bachelor of Human Performance,

Diploma of  Teaching

Joel Frank

PE & Health

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise – PE major
Lvl 4 Cert of exercise
Grad Dip of learning and teaching

Sarah Tuhura,

PE & Health

Bachelor of Human Performance

Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)

Megan Bennett

PE & Health

Bachelor of Arts Major in Education

Graduate Diploma Primary Teaching

Paul Cleghorn

PE & Health, Science
Bachelor of Sport and Exercise
Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching (Secondary)

Science Department

Nicki Harding HOD of Science, ICT Manager

Bachelor of Science- Zoology

Master Applied Science

Certificate Veterinary Nursing

Postgraduate Diploma of Teaching

Zoe Doidge, TiC Primary Industries

Science and Primary Industries

Bachelor of Science

Post Graduate Diploma Genetics,

Grad Diploma of Teaching (Secondary)

Nishanbir Singh,

Science and Chemistry

Benson Nobathu,

Science and Mathematics

Bachelor of Education

Carl Pester,

Science, Physics and Digital Technology

Bachelor of Science (Hons),

Diploma of  Teaching (Science/Mathematics)

Social Science Department

Alex McKinlay, HOD of Social Sciences

History & Social Science

Bachelor of Arts English & Social Anthropology & History
Post Grad Dip Ed
Te Ara Reo Maori

Mrs Margaret Vosloo

Geography & Social Science
Bachelor of Education,

Graduate Diploma of Teaching (Primary), FDT YP

Kayla Hutchings

English, Social Science

Bachelor of Arts, Majoring in History
Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning (secondary)

Jacqui Frost

Te Whare Awhina

Deanna McKay, HoD Te Whare Awhina

Te Whare Awhina

Kathryn Keyte

Bachelor of Education Primary
PG Dip Ed Leadership

Technology Department

Rachel Ireland HOD of Technology,

Food Technology and Hospitality, Pathways

Bachelor of Science (Human Nutrition),

Graduate Diploma Teaching

Carol Baker,

Food Technology & Hospitality

Bachelor of Education,

Graduate Diploma Education Counselling & Guidance,

Graduate Diploma Special Education Hearing Impairment.

Warrick Greaves,

Hard Materials Technology

Diploma of Teaching,

Diploma Audio Engineering,

Advanced Trade Certificate,

Trade Certificate Radio & Electronics

Mark Heal, Teacher of Hard Materials/BCATS

Alternative Education

Casey White, Supervisor

Robyn Helliwell, Teacher Aide

Guidance Counsellor

Sarah Ozanne, Guidance Counsellor


Learning Support

Monique Gunther, Learning Support



Rachel Ireland, Pathway Director

Bachelor of Science (Human Nutrition),

Graduate Diploma Teaching

Joanna Laing, Pathway Administration

Jacqui Frost

Teacher- Gateway