Uniform Code

Following our recent consultation on the College Uniform Code, the Board of trustees has updated our Code as detailed below.

  • The wearing of correct uniform is required at college and in the community.
  • The school uniform can be purchased online from Argyle School wear: https://www.argyleonline.co.nz/school
  • The school holds a small amount of stock for sizing purposes only.  If required, the school can complete the online order on your behalf.
  • All uniform items must be regulation Tararua College design.
  • The uniform is gender neutral, and all items are permitted to be worn at any time of the year:
    • Blue shorts, blue pants, blue skirt
    • Year 9-12 blue short or long sleeve shirt
    • Year 13 white short or long sleeve shirt
    • Blue school jersey
    • Blue school soft shell jacket
    • Black socks or long black tights
    • School beanie or cap
    • Full black shoes / roman sandals / ankle boots (hard covered shoes are required for all technology subjects)
    • Plain Black or Blue School Jacket
    • Black or blue scarf
    • Black t-shirt/thermal can be worn underneath uniform.
  • If a student cannot wear the correct school uniform they will need:
  • A note from home to be given to the deputy principal before the first class of the day.
  • The college will loan the student clean, tidy uniform items that are needed for that day.

Dress Code

  • The following items are acceptable to be worn with the Tararua College school uniform.
  • If a student is wearing any item not on the list, they will be asked to remove it.
    • Nail polish
    • Foundation
    • Black mascara
    • Necklaces, bracelets, rings (will be required to remove for health and safety reasons)
    • Stud or pearl earrings
    • One nose stud
  • The following standards are required for personal appearance:
    • Boys to be clean shaven.
    • Natural hair colours
    • Long hair to be tied back for health and safety reasons.
    • Tattoos are permitted.
  • If any of the above is deemed offensive or gang related, you will be asked to remove it or cover it up.
  • The final decision of acceptable dress is at the discretion of the principal.